Secure Parking Sustainability Service


Our role in a better future

Secure Parking Sustainability IconAt Secure Parking we are proud of our sustainability credentials. Our commitment to working with owners to achieve improvements in environmental management has highlighted a clear alignment between environmental and commercial objectives. Taking care of the environment actually makes business sense and also differentiates our service as the issue of sustainability becomes more important to our customers.

We continue to work closely with key environmental organisations, policy makers, councils and other relevant bodies to influence plans and decisions that affect our business and your car park operation.

Sustainable Practice Strategy

By putting a quantifiable sustainability strategy in place, you can contribute to the value of your property. Our menu of sustainable practices options include:

  • Understanding, measuring and reducing your property’s environmental footprint
  • Collaborating with you to meet regulatory environmental standards
  • Introducing innovative services, products and carbon offset programs
  • Active compliance with national reporting guidelines for carbon emissions

Buildings have been identified as having the most cost-effective climate change mitigation opportunity in terms of emissions reduction and performance improvement. We work with owners to improve the holistic performance of their buildings in each stage of construction and use.

Delivering comfortable buildings, with clean air, reduced energy dependence and costs are a few of the tangible benefits of our drive for environmental sustainability.

Secure Parking Sustainability initiatives

  • Reduction of carbon footprint at Head Office and car parks
  • Carbon offset programs for parking customers
  • Off-peak parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Hybrid car parking bays and electric vehicle charging points
  • Measuring and managing CO2 emissions
  • Replacing light tubes with energyefficient LED lighting
  • Installation of light sensors
  • Introduction of solar panels
  • Installation of the best practice, energy-efficient parking access control equipment
  • Assistance with ABGR Programs
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Shared car services
  • Environmentally friendly car wash services