Secure Parking Marketing Services


Using innovation to drive more business to your car park more often

Secure Parking Marketing Services IconCar parks gain their relevance from their location in relation to where a customer needs to be.

Each car park is part of its own unique ‘community of interest’ comprising the building’s tenants and their visitors, the local business community and its clientele.

Secure Parking engages these communities with a combination of localised business building marketing activity, customer loyalty programs that use advanced technologies and the immediacy of digital and social media.


Business Building Initiatives

On-the-ground sales
Each car park is assigned a specialist sales team to drive revenue growth through direct sales and hardhitting cooperative business-building promotions.

Advantage Parker
The Advantage Parker program is a cashfree billing system for fleets with loyal cardholders who actively seek Secure Parking car parks.

VIP Parking
Tenants can reserve a parking bay in the car park of their building at the press of a button – a great opportunity for businesses to provide complimentary or user-pays parking for their customers.

Innovative Payment Methods
In addition to all major credit cards, Secure Parking has the ability to accept a range of non-traditional payment cards which means increased revenue opportunities as more targeted customers are drawn to your site.


Customer Loyalty Initiatives

Customer Connect Loyalty Platform
Customer Connect helps you develop a one-on-one relationship with your customers. You can reward your customers for parking in your car park, and provide a personalised service to permanent parkers, staff, fleets, individuals or groups.

Club Secure
Club Secure is the largest parking loyalty program in the World with over 850,000 members and counting. Club Secure drives extra revenue to your car park by offering exclusive members access to parking discounts, partner offers and competitions.

Secure Parking’s online booking service offers pre-booking and pre-payment services and access to a range of parking products

As the exclusive car park operator to a range of Australia’s largest affiliate programs, we provide parking discounts and points-based loyalty benefits to over seven million customers.


Digital Media

Digital and Social Media

Our social media and digital strategies deliver the right messages to the right people, right when they need it – from helping people find and book parking, to communicating special offers to thousands of followers on the go.

New ‘Ground-breaking’ Website
Our website is packed with information and innovative tools. In a World first, the ‘Deal Finder’ tool directs customers to the cheapest and most convenient parking.

Mobile Media
Customers need instant access to information, so we have developed a range of mobile phone and GPS solutions that present your product in the most powerful way at the customer’s point of decision making