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SecureTech Equipment Sales and Service

SecureTech Car Park Equipment Service and SalesToday’s car parks are being revolutionised by innovations in technology and equipment, making them more efficient, user-friendly and profitable than ever before. Secure Parking established SecureTech to bring owners and operators a range of equipment, technology, consulting, support and maintenance solutions sourced from around the world ensuring that you benefit directly from the latest technology and services available.

SecureTech provides 24/7 support to over 300 car parks across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom ranging from boomgated operations using tickets or Licence Plate Recognition technology to pay and display and on-street parking operations.

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All of these car parks benefits from our business features:

Securetech Equipment Service and SalesWe offer an unmatched level of expertise, skills and knowledge. SecureTech prides itself on providing a highly experienced and professional team of project managers, logistics personnel and field technicians.

We also utilise the services and expertise of a wide range of external business partners who work alongside our in-house technicians to ensure best practice and the highest levels of service and support available.

We are equipment multi-lingual and can operate and integrate with all major car park access control systems. This means we can integrate the best equipment solutions with your existing car park infrastructure to streamline your operations.

We are equipment brand independent. As SecureTech is not dependant on any particular supplier or manufacturer, we can source, install and support cost-effective technology solutions that specifically suit your car park’s business needs rather than our bottom line.

We maintain strong partnerships with all major car parking equipment manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, and those partnership agreements include timely service and technical support.

SecureTech combines it’s focus on developing innovative car park solutions with a commitment to leveraging the relationship we have with equipment suppliers. This ensures we can deliver solutions that meet your business needs and maximise the return on your parking operations.

Equipment and Technology

SecureTech commits to harnessing the latest parking equipment and technologies to benefit your business by forming close partnerships with manufacturers and distributors from all around the world. We work with car park owners and select the equipment and technology – for parking, security, access control and financial management that best meets their needs – rather than push a ‘one solution fits all’ scenario.

Research and Development

SecureTech has a dedicated team of parking experts who travel the world sourcing new and innovative parking solutions. Our vast understanding of the complexities of a robust parking operation enables us to develop proprietary or bespoke parking solutions that streamline operations and improve the parking experience for customers.

Maintenance Service Agreements

Securetech Equipment Service and SalesSecureTech provides regular scheduled preventative maintenance operations for your car park. The status of maintenance is tracked via a customised software solution that also provides instant access to the history of all work undertaken. Preventative maintenance agreements can be tailored to suit your precise business needs.

In addition your on-site staff can be supported 24-7 via SecureVision – our National Control Centre. With a fully integrated audio, video and data connection to your site. SecureVision can provide live and interactive customer service for your car park’s visitors.

24/7 Technical Support

SecureTech offers you a high level of technical support on a round the clock basis. We offer parts and labour responses under a range of Service Level Agreements designed to meet your business objectives.

Staff Training

SecureTech believes that efficiently trained and managed technicians can be as valuable to your operation as the parking system itself. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of training techniques including classroom, hands-on and online training programs to ensure your staff are as knowledgeable, up to date and productive as possible.


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