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Secure Parking Quality Policy

ISO LogoSecure Parking is proud of its dedication to innovation and quality service and this approach to business has now been now been formally recognised with our acheivement of attaining ISO9001 Certification.

Leading organisations around the globe strive to adopt the principles required to achieve ISO 9001 Certification, and Secure Parking has achieved certification to this internationally accepted standard of quality and efficient management system and can now display the internationally recognised Five Ticks logo.

Secure Parking Quality Policy

At SecureTech and Customer Care Centre we are committed to offer an unmatched level of expertise, skills and knowledge. We aspire to deliver the highest levels of equipment performance and customer service through our highly experienced and professional team of customer care representatives, project managers, logistics personnel and field technicians.

Quality Objectives


  • To consistently achieve a level of performance that meets our customer requirements and exceeds our users expectations, by ensuring calls are managed and actioned in a timely and professional manner.

  • To ensure that our customer can deliver full automated capability to the market by ensuring all carpark equipment owned and managed by Secure Parking is maintained in full working order.

  • To make better business decisions and continuously improve by adopting a process approach, using facts and data from the right metrics and closely monitoring our customer’s level of satisfaction.

  • To purchase the most acceptable quality supplies, equipment and contractual services at the most competitive price.

  • To ensure all staff is capable of performing their daily duties to the standard required, by providing the appropriate training and development.

  • To ensure our customer has the capability to maximise business opportunities by ensuring project quotations and tariff changes delivered on time and in full, as stated by agreed service levels.