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Payment Gateway

Credit Card Payment GatewaySecure Parking works closely with payment service provider Step-Up Solutions to deliver a Payment Gateway that has been purpose built for the Car Park Industry.  The Step-Up Payment Gateway provides fast and reliable online transaction processing for credit cards, debit cards, and proprietary cards. Payment Gateway is car park equipment vendor agnostic and ensures that you are not restricted by card type or equipment brands.

  • Processes credit and debit cards in real time—reducing fraud
  • Enables same day settlement and reconciliation for lower exposure
  • Is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant so you know your data is secure
  • Enhanced offline processing (when required) to ensure that car park customers have an uninterrupted service
  • Can be enhanced to meet your customised requirements
  • Surcharges or discounts can be applied at time of payment to all card transactions

Payment Gateway delivers greater control and security over your payment processes and the flexibility to respond as your business changes and grows.