ISO9001 Certification

Secure Parking achieves ISO9001 Certification

Secure has always prided itself of innovation and quality service and this approach to business has now been now been formally recognised with our acheivement of attaining ISO9001 Certification.

Leading organisations around the globe strive to adopt the principles required to achieve ISO 9001 Certification, and now Secure Parking is proud to announce that we have achieved certification to this internationally accepted standard of quality and efficient management system and can now display the internationally recognised Five Ticks logo.

Certification to ISO 9001 requires an accredited third party auditing organization to thoroughly review the Company’s internal quality management system processes, to ensure that they are capable of consistently delivering a service that meets customers’ needs and expectations.

“As one of the world’s leading Car Park Operators, it is quite natural that we are at the forefront of quality management practices as recognised by the ISO 9001 certification,” said Garth Mathews, CEO of Secure Parking.  “At Secure Parking we are committed to offer an unmatched level of expertise, skills and knowledge.  We aspire to deliver the highest levels of customer service through our highly experienced and professional team” concluded Mr Mathews.

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